Znojmo – favorite city of the Czech kings

Since 1226 the royal city, one of the most important in Moravia. National cultural monument is the Romanesque Rotunda of St. Catherine of 11 century, which is adorned with murals illustrating the history of Premyslid dynasty. An important monument is the Louka monastery founded in 1190 Konrad Otto Znojmo. The current Baroque appearance is from 1784. The monastery has always been not only a center of learning, but also in Znojmo winery. Under the monastery are large winery and visitor center for Znovín Znojmo. The Znojmo thrive white aromatic wines grown on prime vineyard locations. In addition Veltliner, which is the main variety in not only this area but also the neighboring Lower Austria, here reach a unique aroma and taste of the variety Müller-Thurgau, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. An interesting feature is the small number of small growers of grapes, most of the vineyards is held by large wineries.

The cellar alley



Konice the most picturesque parts of the town of Znojmo, lying on the edge of National Park Podyjí. They have, although only one vineyard, but the size of its quality and worth much more. Cow Mountain between Znojmo, and Konica Sedlešovice vinařští some experts consider the best ever in the Znojmo wine region. Cellar Lane is located on the northeastern outskirts of the village, we find other cellars in the direction of Popické hills, others are in the area of ​​residential buildings. Wines from Konica are actually announced. For example, local winemaker Jaroslav Athletes won a few years of the show called Znojmo wine tasting prestigious Best small wine growers. "In my opinion, Konice associated with aromatic varieties such as Sauvignon, Riesling is excellent and we must not forget the Grüner Veltliner," said Jaroslav Athletes.

Closing with a mountain goat Grape

The Cow Mountain in Konica Society of Friends holds Closing mountain goats Grape Grape with a goat. The church is prayer and Konica ordination hotařských new bouquets of St. John's, wormwood and dandelion. On the edge of the vineyard are then burned in last year's flowers and bouquets tied hotařské new bars. Hotařská or pole mount to protect ripening grapes from the storms and hail. Fires to all sides, fold Hotař hotařskou oath and present to pray a prayer to St. winemakers. Urban. Erecting signs hotařských the mountain closes, banned from the vineyards in order to Grape goat with his family in peace to finish his work. Young goats during this period of his vemínek fulfill grape berries, grapes, sweet milk. Kozel, with trestles will be the first mists massage skin berries until they are completely soft and thin. Above all will watch and Grape goat will give tenants a good praise, then shame bad ones.


Popice the local part of the town of Znojmo and lies on the border of the National Park Podyjí. They have a single vineyard under the trees. Most frequently represented is a variety Müller-Thurgau, followed Veltlínským green. They both are characteristic for the Znojmo wine region and give the soil due to climatic conditions and inimitable wine. Cellar Lane is located in the southern part of the village. Most buildings in the wine comes from the second half of the 19th century. Natural stone cellars předsklepím, stamping the ground and huge wine barns retaining original appearance and modern reconstructions are almost unaffected. Popice are an important starting point for hiking trails in the National Park Podyjí, whether towards Hnanicím which extend valuable heath and tourist passes renewed where the chapel of the Virgin Mary from 1816 to Sealsfieldův or stone, which was so named in honor of a native, writer Charles Postl.

Points of interest - tradition Znojmo winery

Like many other European wine regions and the Znojmo region for their current fame thanks to the Romans, or rather one of the legions of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Proba, which penetrated in southern Moravia in the second century AD and established the first vineyard here. One of the oldest vineyards Šobes. This vineyard is named according to the old local name for uneven and cut into the field. Archaeological findings confirm that the site was inhabited as early as the time of the Romans. Great winery development occurred during the Great Moravian Empire, the prince had Svatopluk vines imported from Austria and Hungary, and began systematically to establish the first modern vineyards. Large influence on the planting of vineyards, some monastic communities, especially Premonstratensians who founded the monastery in Louka near Znojmo. During the following centuries, Christianity go hand in hand with vines spread throughout Europe, although the vineyards are increasingly interested in monasteries in addition to the rich burghers. Long journey to the secret of wine continued overall decline during the Thirty Years War, the subsequent expansion, and finally a terrible blow in the late 19th century, when the Moravian vineyards decimated fungal diseases and phylloxera. The twentieth century was the century of reconstruction, the breeding of new varieties and new cultivation methods, discoveries and centuries of modern technology. The famous history of the town of Znojmo is commemorated every year in mid-September at the Znojmo wine festival. In these days is coming to town retinue of King John of Luxembourg. In mázhauzech you can taste local wine and new wine, the atmosphere of a medieval jousting tournament complement, a group of historical fencing and street theater.
Only in the Znojmo wine region vineyards area exceeds 6,000 hectares, of which more than half were in the recent categorization of vineyards included in the first category. Excellent vineyards lie mainly on the southern slopes and around rivers Thaya, which is located south of Znojmo towards Konice position is distinguished Cow Mountain, among the best? Iniční trails throughout South Moravia also includes the position of Hell, SAC, Babičák, Fred, Free field Weinperky and many others. Above the picturesque meanders of the river Thaya in the National Park lies the famous Podyjí Šobes vineyards.

Where you can taste wine

Louka monastery, the visitor center and Znovín
515267458, 721754656, www.znovin.cz
Wine Cellar Sealsfield Konice - 515 222 246

The festivities associated with wine

Jarovín Rose (March)
Znojmo wine tasting (April)
Show Znojmo wine region (April)
Carrying out the goat grape (May)
Znojmo wine festival (September)
Young wine festival (September)
Young wine days in Louka Monastery (September)
Rite of young wines (November)
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