Velké Pavlovice – blue Mountains

Winding road through the hills on the edge of the forest Ždánický after a new cycle path between the vineyards away from you Hustopečí Moravian wine trail leads to the center of wine region. Name Pavlovice bore the warmest village in the Czech Republic in 1901, dubbed the Great or gross but it appears in a document from 1575. Great Pavlovice with others are our unique predominance of red varieties, which correspond to the local open position to the south. Warm Alpine hairdryers and almost 1900 hours of sunshine per year with a high content of magnesium in the soil provide good ripening of the grapes from which the Velkopavlovická produce the best red wines in Central Europe. Wine connoisseur and lover of the poet Jan Skacel called this region blessed place through which passed the Lord God. Especially here doing Frankovce (local names Neskorák, Blue Hyblink) and Svatovavřineckému. Renaissance Portugal is experiencing a variety of Blue, which returns for its high reputation gained wrong varieties for the cheap wine. From the famous local white varieties Traminer, Grüner Veltliner and Neuburger. Virtually disappeared traditional varieties such as Sylvaner, Gutadel (Bel white), Maliňák, Turin, Časlador (Chasselas) Kyselák, Frašták (Kadarka white). Vineyard are named: Nadzahrady, Poštory, Koudelka, Novosad, Ostrovec, alum, Trkmanska, Hantály, Ploughshares, Pustara. The names of other lines to explain the circumstances of their creation - the Court (land dispute with Upper Bojanovice) Francle (from the German Frans - fraying, an allusion to the narrow vineyards), Bedriska (by Frederick Oppersdorf of whom belonged to the manor in the 17th century), or their location. Čechanzle (Steilhänge - steep slopes), Išperky (Hirschberg - Deer Mountain), Lizniperky (Wiesenberg - grassy hill). Renowned wines from these lines came to the table not only Czech rulers - in 1520 is praised Ludwig Jagiellonian, but Russian power brokers - in July 1957 tasting local wine in transit villages Nikita Khrushchev. Moravian topography from 1846 says that wine Velkopavlovická ohnivostí settle Hungarian, so rogue traders often issued for them. General crisis in the late 19th winery century is spared major Pavlovicím. Phylloxera, new diseases and cheap brandy brought destruction and abandonment of vineyards cellars. Halting the decline of the Renaissance and modern winery in the village was great thanks to Alois Horňanského head teacher, who in 1901 founded the Earth in nurseries and published a journal Wine horizon. The motto of this enlightened man was: "Give Youth vineyard grafting knife and scissors, Koštýř are adults." In 1925 he became part of the nurseries and meteorological station.

The cellar alley

Who gave the name 'Andre

The Great Pavlovice was bred several new varieties of grapes. In the early 50 years here Ing. Joseph Veverka, began experimenting with crossbreeding varieties Traminer and Müller-Thurgau. Work on a variety Palava completed in Perná breeding station, where he was for political reasons in 1959 relocated. Fine aromatic variety Aurelius was in the 80 Neuberger's crossing varieties and Riesling. The most famous "child" is a variety velkopavlovických breeders André. The breeding program for obtaining a durable and profitable varieties of purple grapes in 1960 by crossing Lemberger and St. Laurent bred Ing. Jaroslav Horak and named it after the French naturalist Christian Carl André. Velkopavlovičtí not believe the official version and doubts even about the existence of the breeder, who worked at the beginning of the 19th century and Moravia. Due to the weakness of new varieties for father fairer sex are convinced that the wine that has a high color and extract, named šlechtitelovy mistresses. About how it was in fact, you think the drive for a new bicycle path "Through Andre" Big Pavlovice passing on the way from Hustopeče the mare.

Sestak as a liberation from the law horenského

Time in the cellars of Great Pavlovice confirm Purkrechtní Registry of 1594, which mention "preshause", ie. mills. Wine is also retained the granary of the municipal year 1780, an extremely valuable Baroque building that was renovated in 1993. From 19 century originated in the private cellars of the village under domkářské old mountain chalets in the streets, in the valley, the camp, Lawns, Zelnice. Folk architecture is the mill number 154, underground facilities are reportedly in place habánského cellar from 1545. The entrance porch is equipped with an arched opening, to which the plaster is a flat cross. The mill is a granary floor, gabled roof is now covered with clay tiles. Another monument is the registered number of the mill 115th This is a multi-storey building of stone and brick masonry of 20 the 19th century, as evidenced by the inscription on the plate with embossed grape wine - "Philippe Benda gebaut Anno 1817." West of the square in the local area is about 25 Zelnice cellars on one side of the road. This is mostly a story mill, often insensitively treated and břízolitovou facade. All Pavlovický cellars especially come alive during the feast, wine festivals and summer events open cellars. Local feasts are commemorated as early as 1843 in the magazine Czech bee, is building on Friday, May Day, on Tuesday solo traditional entertainment in shorts, local specificity is fine, exuberant Starek walk around the city on Wednesday after the feast. In September zarážání mountain is erected a five-meter pole with grapes, sanctified by the local priest. Since 1923 is part of the celebrations and banderium riding. The mountains are covered zarážání superstition according to which anyone who breaks off the foreign grape, eaten by starlings his own vineyard. An exception to horenského rights should a pregnant woman only if asked to head dime.

Where you can taste wine

Offer eighteen small and medium-sized growers

Vinum Great Pavlovice - Tel: 519 403 111,

Open Cellars - June to September are open always two cellars,

The festivities associated with wine

Wine Exhibition (March)

Easter open cellars

Moravium Forum (June)

Competitive exhibition of wines Velkopavlovicka wine region - a tradition since 1930

Wine in orange - the Feast of Saint. Cyril and Methodius - Feast of wine cellars open

Feast after the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (srpan)

Velkopavlovicka vintage / Zarážání Mountain (1st Saturday in September)

Young wine festival (October)

St. Martin's Wine Tasting associated with the opening of vaults (November)

Promenade red wines (November)

The blessing of young wine (1st Sunday after St. Martin)

Rite of Saint Catherine of wine

The show archive wines (púrosinec)

Talks with wine wine (irregular)
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