Skalica Wine Trail

Trail length:
40 km
22 % low-traffic roads; 78 % cycling trails and dirty roads
All categories of cyclists
Highest point:
242 m n. m.
Lowest point:
125 m n. m.
Places to visit

Skalica , Holíč , Kopčany , Prietržka , Trnovec , Vrádište

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The circuit of the Skalice Wine Trail goes through the northwest part of the Záhoří region. We start the route on the border bridge of the Morava River near Hodonín, in the direction of Holíč, where a rest area with information and a map welcomes you. You can get to this place from Podluží Wine Trail from Hodonín. On the Slovak side, you continue along the Morava River, passing through the floodplain landscape and after turning off to Kopčany, the floodplain landscape turns into agriculture.
At the beginning of the village of Kopčany, roofs of the former baroque stud farm are on your right. It is not in the immediate vicinity of the route, so it is necessary to turn right along the clay road and after a few meters get to the stud farm.
From the stud farm, continue on the local road towards the village on Moravská street. Navigation towards the Church of St. Margita leads us to the asphalt road outside the main route that we get from the village and arrive at the crossroads. Here we can visit the Kopčany monument zone and see the Great Moravian Church of St. Margarita of Antioch. Follow the asphalt trail to the left and go to the church or continue along the route to Holíč.
The entire route between Kopčany and Holíč is lined with original chestnut alleys, an artifact of the original Baroque landscape of the 18th century Holíč estate. From the part called Bažantica we come to the Baroque chateau, the former representative residence of the imperial family. The chateau is surrounded by water dams with a nearby pond. We walk around the castle area and get to the entrance bridge. During the summer season, you will find an information office to the right of the entrance.
The road continues to the windmill, which is the only stone mill in Slovakia that represents the Dutch-mill type. From the windmill, with field paths sloping down to the main road, we reach the village of Trnovec. We arrive at the smallest village in the vicinity of the third-class road. Here, the route turns to the left between the houses and passes smoothly across the bridge over the Chvojnice River, which is a protected natural monument. The walkway leads to a very busy first class road perpendicular to the sidewalk and continues to Prietržka, a famous wine-growing village.
From the resting place of the Skalická Wine Route in Prietržka, we go down and turn right, gradually ascending to the Rubaniskový Creek. From Prietržka, the route rises to a wine-growing area lined with typical bays that offer pleasant views of the surrounding landscape of the Morava River floodplain. By a gentle ascent, we come to the local chapel in the vineyards of Prietržka. Here the road splits. It rises up to the local water reservoir upwards, but we set out on the left path between the vineyards. Ride through the westernmost point of the White Carpathians, where vineyards were planted in the cadastral areas of Prietržka, Vrádište and Skalice. The route takes you under the slopes between vineyards, where there are countless wine cellars.
The unique atmosphere of the vineyard and their sheds is also supplied by the local chapels and the wayside shrine, which was mainly dedicated to St. Urban. The path will lead us through the vineyards of Prietržka and Vrádište to the rest place of Skalice Wine Trail. We do not go to Vrádište village, we stay in vineyards. The terrain is difficult to lift from the Skalica Wine Trail.
With a small reward for climbing the challenging terrain, you will enjoy beautiful views throughout the entire route to Skalice. In the vineyards of Skalice, you can visit local sheds and services. Skalice vineyards pass smoothly into the built-up area of ​​the ancient town of Skalica.
In Hliniky, you can visit the aisle with typical traditional vineyards.
The route of the Skalica Wine Trail passes smoothly Hájek, where we will find a resting place. In case of sufficient time, we recommend to visit the ancient historical center of Skalice. On the renovated square, you can find a tourist information office that provides enough information about tourist attractions and services. We can see the monumental zone with famous sacral monuments and the typical triangular square, where the Záhorské museum and the monument from the period of Great Moravia, Rotunda Sv. Juraj is situated. From the technical monuments, you can visit the Mill of the Pillar brothers and also the renewed exposition of the Skarniclovská printing company.

From Skalice to Strážnice
You can end your journey from Skalice by connecting to the Strážnice Wine Trail along the road leading out of the city towards Sudoměřice. With the end of the built-up area of ​​the city on a gentle hill in the direction of Sudoměřice you will find a resting place, which also provides information about the Strážnice Wine Trail.

Follow the trail to the Baťa Canal
If you planned to conquer the entire route of the Skalice Wine Trail, your route will continue from Skalice railway station along the asphalt road to the Skalica Harbor on the Baťa Canal. Local signs to the port will take you safely to this path. You can refresh in the port during the summer season, or diversify by sailing along the beautiful canal. From the port, the Skalice Wine Trail is closed by the cycling route through the Skalická floodplain of the Morava River. After more than seven kilometers we will go to the starting point of the circular route of the Skalice Wine Trail at the border bridge between Hodonín and Holíč.


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