Moravian Wine Trail - Znojmo

Trail length:
63 km
63 % low-traffic roads; 37 % cycling trails and dirty roads
All categories of cyclists
Highest point:
285 m a.s.
Lowest point:
200 m a.s.
Places to visit

Znojmo, Nový Šaldorf-Sedlešovice, Šatov, Chvalovice, Dyjákovičky, Vrbovec, Hrádek, Dyjákovice, HevlínJevišovka

The Moravian Wine Trail starts in the center of Znojmo, close to the obelisk with the statue of the victory goddess, Nike, in Komenského Square. Red cellar door case signs lead you through the park and then one kilometer along the 1st class road.
The trail leaves the heavy traffic and rumble of the town and goes to Loucká Street, around the premonstrate monastery. The bridge across the Dyje River is a gate to the distinguished wine village of Nový Šaldorf - Sedlešovice. After crossing the road Znojmo – Retz behind the village, the trail takes cyclists up the first hill to Konice. Going downhill to Popice, the trail offers a beautiful and technically-demanding crossing of the Havranické Moors, entering the Podyjí National Park. The rough trail is graced with chapels, crosses and devotional pillars with Czech and German inscriptions, proofs of centuries of their common past. In Staré Vinice nad Havraníky, cyclists may visit the cycling oasis in the form of a degustation stand of the wine company, Znovín Znojmo.
The tens of samples include even excellent cuveé Charles Sealsfield commemorating the popular native son of Popice, the writer Karel Postl. The tableland above Havraníky is an ideal start point for a short trip to the legendary Šobes Vineyard. Passing Havraníky, the trail turns to Šatov. Its route follows maybe all the cellars in the village – you only have to turn a little to the most popular one, the Painted cellar. From the cellar complex in Šatov, it is only 5 km to the next cellar street in Chvalovice. From Chvalovice the Moravian Wine Trail continues up to Načeratice, following the long-distance cycling trail Greenway Prague – Vienna.
You can make the straight road section more interesting by visiting the small castle of Lampelberk, with its round tower providing a wide view of the country or you can degust some wines in the wine center of the company Ampelos, in Vrbovec. The frontier section of the Moravian Wine Trail is missing some variety and broken character in spite of the first kilometers in the surroundings of Znojmo; the straight trail follows the road quickly up to Jaroslavice. The section is a true testimony to the destiny of Moravian borderland, tragically affected by the post-war displacement of the Germans and consequent communist devastation. Grey village squares, half-broken Renaissance houses and abandoned baroque manors witness the country that used to be rich, while hardly searching for its lost face now. The activities of the socialistic army can even be seen in the castle in Jaroslavice, where the trail turns off the road and goes to Hrádek, following the pond embankment and the poplar alley. Before entering the village, see the New Gothic chapel from 1906, reconstructed and dedicated to St. Agnes, the Czech. Before setting out for the final ten kilometers of terrain to Hevlín, stop on the hill at the edge of Hrádek. Behind the pillar wall of the late Baroque Church of St. Peter and Paul, you can see a unique Roman rotunda of St. Oldřich, mentioned as early as in the mid of the 11th century.
In Dyjákovice, the trail turns to former signal road that takes you to Hevlín. After Hevlín, halfway to Jevišovka, the main trail joins the Znojmo Wine Trail. Via Hrabětice and Šanov, it takes you to Hrušovany, a railway node with trains heading to Břeclav and Znojmo. You can use the same train connection from Jevišovka. Those who will go 6 kilometers extra will be rewarded with the new rest points in Greenways, developed by Josef Zahradník, a sculptor from Ivančice.

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Apartmány Stará Brusírna

Not far from Znojmo, in the wine village Šatov, we have opened new and cozy apartments for wine and cycling lovers. Location in the heart of the Znojmo wine region, on the edge of the Podyjí National Park and on the border with Austria. Our guest house can be found in a completely renovated house, which housed a family glass grinding shop founded in 1934 ...

No review
Caffe Bar La Passion

In the cafe is available about 50 seats. The interior is decorated to the color of coffee podtrhnutych ruby ??red. Modern, pleasant but nothing casual space for your moments of rest over a cup of coffee or glass of wine with your friends.

No review
Camp a penzion Havraníky

Our family Pension and Camp in Havraníky is located in the picturesque surroundings of the Znojmo wine region in the very heart of the wine trails and on the borders of the PODYJÍ National Park. The camp offers a cottage settlement - 5 cottages (4 beds each) and 1 log cabin with 4 rooms (1 + 4 + 4 + 6 beds).

No review
Degustační sklep VINO HORT

The VINO HORT winery has prepared a variety of wine tasting events for our visitors.

No review
Freeport International Outlet

Freeport outlet Hatě is a shopping centre located at the border of Czech Republic and Austria, not far from Znojmo. In 70 shops you can buy articles of more than 200 international clothing brands, at the lowest prices.

No review Leska 69, Dobšice

Degustační sklep VINO HORT

The VINO HORT winery has prepared a variety of wine tasting events for our visitors. Šatov 49
602 561 546

Vinařství Roman Polák

Je dnes spousta milovníků vín vyhledávajících vinařské tradice i novodobý moderní styl vína samotného. Takový kompromis je možné objevit ve sklepě Ing. Romana Poláka a jeho vinařské firmy v Šatově. Malé rodinné vinařství s tradicí od roku 1921 vzniklo v současné podobě v roce 2002 (i když Roman Polák vyrobil své první víno v deseti letech a dodnes si ho pamatuje - byl to Ryzlink vlašský). Klade důraz na pečlivost ve vinici, při výběru hroznů od spolupracujících vinohradníků i výrobě vína. Vinařství hospodaří ve vlastních vinohradech o rozloze 2 ha, část hroznů nakupuje ze Znojemské a Velkopavlovické podoblasti. Chvalovická sklepní ulička č. 58, Chvalovice


Znovin Znojmo, stanek Sobes

The most attractive and most famous place in the National Park Podyji. Suitable place to stop the climb from the river Thaya. Havraníky

Znovin Znojmo, stanek Stare vinice

Significant cycling destination with a luxury facilities for cyclists (drinks, energy bars, maps and neighborhood in the sale).

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