Moravian Wine Trail - Mikulov

Trail length:
58 km
63 % low-traffic roads; 37 % cycling trails and dirty roads
All categories of cyclists, hilly parts between Mikulov and Pavlov
Cycling signs with a stylish cellar door case of red colour
Highest point:
350 m a.s.
Lowest point:
180 m a.s.
Places to visit

Jevišovka, Drnholec, Mikulov, Dolní Věstonice, Strachotín, Pouzdřany

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The Moravian Wine Trail enters Slovácko and the wine sub-region of the same name in Terezín. The trail leads in the region of T. G. Masaryk from Čejč to Čejkovice. Going through Čejč, the Moravian Wine Trail continues up the hill in the direction of Čejkovice. Halfway through the route it turns to terrain and continues to Starý Poddvorov.

The surface is mostly soft and follows the broken relief of the countryside. Above Starý Poddvorov, the Moravian Wine Trail turns to the forest, where it joins the long-distance cycling trail No. 412 Břeclav – Hradec Králové. Above Mutěnice you will go downhill to the village, which is a central location of winemaking and growing in the Slovácko region. The vineyard complex Pod Búdama is characterized by plant and figural motifs on cellar door cases and cellar fronts. The following ten kilometers from Dubňany to Ratíškovice are quite fast, but you will see a wide selection of small sacred monuments.

The route of the Moravian Wine Trail follows the rugged topography of the country and a dense network of field roads and cycling trails while going through the culturally-rich area of Kyjov Dolňácko. You can find three important cellar complexes in the first section of the trail. The legendary Milotice Šidleny is an old cellar street, home to original adobe brick houses with thatched roofs above cellars.

The following 15 kilometers to Bzenec usually follow cycling trails and you can enjoy several unusual experiences there. The Renaissance town hall and museum in Kyjov represent unique buildings in the Slovácko region.

The cellar complex in Vlkoš under the vineyard hill, Achtele, is interesting thanks to its large dimensions and several monuments of olden cellar architecture. The neighbouring Vracov is an olden agricultural village. The cellars always belong to several owners and cellar No. 15 in legendary Baráky has an exceptional position – it is the legendary Parliament. Going up the cellar street Na Jamech, you will get to the terrain section between fields and vineyards. Then follow the common section of Moravian Wine Trail and Bzenec Wine Trail to get to the town providing the popular Bzenecká Lipka wine with its name. The castle in the surroundings of Bzenec is surrounded by a garden and a park with a popular lime tree. Together with the shortest wine trail, the wine artery goes from Bzenec, through sandy sections of the trail up to Hrubý Háj and then up the vineyards above Domanín.

Těmice is the next village on the trail. There, the arterial trail turns to Ořechov, up to Vážany and then it slowly follows the road to Polešovice. The cellar street in Polešovice will take you to Tučapy. The more demanding terrain in Chřiby foothills offers beautiful natural scenery, valuable historical and architectural monument, and a way through the birthplace of Slav inhabitation of Moravia. Going down to Boršice, the trail follows a hardened forest road to the water reservoir Smraďavka, named after a nearby hydrogen sulphide stream.

The overture of the last section is a short uphill trek to Buchlovice. Do not miss the castle when going down to the village. The ten kilometers up and down section in Podchřibí goes up to Břestek. We recommend a short trip from the trail route in the neighbouring village of Tupesy. It will take you to the exposition of Tupesy ceramics. From Tupesy, the Moravian Wine Trail takes a smooth asphalt road to Velehrad. Visit the basilica of Our Lady and St. Cyril and Method and the most important Moravian pilgrimage location, as well as the close archeo museum in Modrá. Staré Město is also proud of the monument of early Slav inhabitation – the Moravian Wine Trail reaches its aim in Uherské Hradiště, along the Morava River.

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Café Fara - restaurace

On the Café Fara find coffee prepared by trained baristas, organic fruit and vegetable juices, wine from Mikulov wine region and also something to banish hunger from the parish kitchen. We hope that you choose and enjoy.

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Café Fara - ubytování

Campus Café in Klentnice rectory in 2011 expanded the wooden house. Are you available 7 unconventionally designed rooms that will surely satisfy your requirements.

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Hotel Ryzlink

Welcome to the newly opened wine Hotel Ryzlink and enjoy its unmistakable atmosphere, created by linking wine with designer accommodation. The unique location of the hotel with a breathtaking view of the Saint Hill will forever remain in your mind.

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Hotel Ryzlink - restaurace

We believe that great wine deserves something delicious to bite along with. Come and enjoy our garden bar and savour specialties of the grill together with the view of the magnificent sunset , gradually spilling into pink the silhouette of the Holy Hill right in front of you.

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Hotel Venuše

Mikulov inn – hotel Venuše*** is one of the first hotel in Mikulov with its own wine cellar. It has fourteen rooms and one apartment.

No review Výsluní 613, Drnholec

Nové vinařství a.s.

The new winery produces only white and rosé wines that are closed entirely of glass or screw caps. The exception that proves the rule is a red wine Pinot Noir with a cork stopper.

Vinarsky dvur Kovacs

Our loyal and satisfied customers who buy our wines, we are ready to welcome in the areas of our corporate wine. Here we are ready to present our wines and show them in their full glory. Operation of wine a day and it is at times from 9.00 to 19.00 hours. U Sadu 394, Popice

Vinarstvi Gotberg

Nad Popice village on the hill called Trachtberg in the vicinity of a large apricot orchard was established in 2003 a new, modern winery. In the production hall, which is hidden in the country using the latest technological processes producing quality wine. Sklepní 826/11, Dolní Dunajovice

Vinařství Mikrosvín Mikulov, sklepy Dolní Dunajovice

"Wine making people" - this motto is the philosophy of our progressively growing winery. With 220 ha of vineyards have long years of the most important producers of predicate wines of terroir hills that should definitely not be missed in your private collection.

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    Rezervace cyklobusů

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